Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finally Assembled! Pinto Power Baby!

I'm not sure when I started working on this project, but it was at least 4 years ago. I wanted to build a trick intake setup for my Pinto Powered Roadster called Bonnie. Bonnie's always turned heads, even parked next to MUCH higher dollar rods. I have to admit that I like that. The intake design is from a tech article I read from the Inglese website. It explains why individual runner intakes and weber carbs are the hot setup.

Now, with the new intake finally on, I'm gonna get more people asking, "What engine is that?"

So here's where I left off... the last thing to do was weld the flange that would hold the throttle cable:


My Friend Aaron welded everything up for me. It came out nice, then I took it to the sand blast cabinet. After, it looked like cast aluminum, but it weighs less than 3 lbs. These are the before and after blasting shots.

Before blastingAfter blasting

Then finally, here's what it looks like all mounted up. I can't wait to spend hours trying to tune this thing!

My Ride is Me!!

before mouting carbsReady to roll!from the side

But, I'm gonna wait to fire it up cause I'm also putting a new header on! This thing is gonna be nasty!

Nasty Header

If you have a build you want to show on the front page, get in touch with us! Pikesan or Napalm. We'd be happy to feature your ride! Get building!

Foose-like, Start to Finnish

I was hoping Janne Kutja, our friend from Finland would add more of his Chip Foose-likework to his garage here at His garage is looking good.

Here's more about Janne, in his own words:


I'm Janne Kutja born in 1980 in southern Finland. I grew up there in small village, and got interested in cars was little kid. I used to draw my own car models back then, I didn't look at any pictures. I guess that's the reason I got interested in hot rods and customs. Hot rod magazines then fed my hunger and customs were the most interesting,

especially when I saw Cadzzilla on the cover of the Finnish Street & Race Magazine (RIP), that was and still is really a huge hit. I did build model cars but I couldn't find time, so focused more on artwork. I've drawn cars quite actively 12 years or so. I build cars too, but haven't had time or money to do it much lately. My favorite's sheetmetal work when it comes to building cars, and I even have chopped half dozen cars, some of them with my brother. My own projects are ´47 Ford Club coupe and ´63 PV both are customs.


I have been studying industrial design in Lahti Institute of Design four years now (almost graduated). Before that I was one year at art school. Nowadays, I do alot of illustarations and (custom) concepts mainly for private customers and friends. In many cases we discuss about the project and usually my customers agree with my concept. Once we agree, I start to draw, sometimes I'll do a couple sketches before final work.

Janne is certainly talented! Be sure to check out Janne's Garage and his website. Janne has also agreed to donate to the My Ride is Me membership drive. If you like his art work, maybe you'll win an original print! Stay tuned!

Model T's and Typewriters

img_4899.jpgIt was my pleasure to meet Kirk Wright of Scottsdale, AZ at the Scottsdale Pavilion's show. We started talking about my car, a 27 Ford Roadster and the the 2.3L Pinto motor I run. Then Kirk started telling me about some of his cars. After hearing about the Model T 'banger motors he was building, I set up a meeting at his house to see what he's up to. His card says AAA Typewriter Service on it, so I didn't know what I was getting into. I got into this Hemi Headed Model T four cylinder!

If you're into nostalgia racing or old-OLD time hot rodding, or just really into Model T's, then you just spilled your beer. You're looking at a one of kind Hemi headed model T engine. The valve cover is also a unique piece.

You have GOT TO read the rest of the story!! Go here!

"Big Bertha" COE Build Project

My man Mr. Freeze out of Gilbert, AZ is a friend to He's just purchased this Chevy Cab over engine (COE) that's got a 455 Olds Toronado FRONT WHEEL DRIVE powertrain under it. This is going to be good!bigbertha.jpg

Check out Mr. Freeze's garage for a look at the work he does. He's not a full time builder but he spends alot of time out in the garage. Can't wait to see it come together!

Also look for a full rendering from Problem Child Kustoms!

Pushing the Hot Rod Envelope

img_4689.jpgImagine yourself at a traditional hot rod show like Billetproof, enjoying Antioch California’s cool morning breeze when you smell diesel fumes. Billetproof isn’t the kind of show where you can trailer your baby in, so something’s not right. Then you hear the whine of a giant turbo just as this beast rounds the corner. Behold the 1950 Peterbilt owned by Michael Leeds. The name for this Hot Rod Semi is up in the air, but “Sneaky Pete” is the front runner. Michael comfortably cruised about 100 miles from Santa Cruz, CA thanks to the inline 6 Cummins turbo-diesel hooked to a 12 speed automatic transmission spinning highway friendly 2.92 gears. Michael guesses 12 to 20 mpg but driving range is no problem since he’s hauling 105 gallons in the polished aluminum fuel tank out back. This baby’s read to travel, even weighing in at about 7000 lbs.
Here's the link to all the pictures I took of this truck.
If you like this story, you can read the rest of it at

Midnight in the Netherlands

Courtesy of Eddy a.k.a. Midnight

Midnights 900While studying suspension modifications for the CB900F I found a Dutch motorcycle enthusiast on who has completed (and documented) some of the most unique mods I’ve ever seen on these bikes. His user name is Midnight and he started this project at the end of October 2005 like most of us do, finding a reasonable yet leaky and rusty specimen of CB and getting to work. I usually write too much, so I will let his pictures do the talking.

Within a couple of months he had cleaned up the rusty frame, painted the engine, mounted a 900rr swingarm and wheel with a CBR 600 F2 front wheel.


Around mid-April 2006, about 6 months after starting, his bike looked like this!


To see the rest of the blog, go here: Midnight in the Netherlands

Friday, September 7, 2007

Billetproof Pinup

MyRideisMe. com will attend the 2007 Billetproof show in Antioch, CA next weekend, September 15th. I can't wait for the show. This is the first time will be properly represented at a show. Here's what we're handing out. I hope you enjoy it! I sure do!


It's been my pleasure meeting Dirk Behlau, the photographer and Zoe Scarlett, the beautiful pinup model. They both have cool websites and myspace pages, check them out!

Dirk's Myspace:1457611793_s.gif

Zoe Scarlett's Myspace:s_d7aa48836e9caee59abb0a6ba6849876.jpg

The Best New Car & Bike Website is up!

If you like my blogs, please go to this new website!

At, you'll find that we're auto and bike enthusiasts too! If you want to see bike and cars from around the world, take a look! We've even made special tools to help you search.

You can browse the garages by type:

Care Types
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New Styles

Motorcycle Types
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Race Bike
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Track Bike

Or you can find people of similar interests by searching for Lifestyles:

Auto Lifestyles
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Show Trucks

Motorcycle Lifestyles
American Iron
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Old School
Café Racer
Track Only
Build-It, Ride-It
Women Riders

Or by the Special Skills they use working on their rides... There's something for everyone.

The best part is the way we organize our pictures. Take a look! Have you ever been frustrated that you have to fumble thru 10 pages of stereo installation pictures to find a picture of the engine? Not at!! Thanks for looking!

Logo for

Father and Son Hot Rod Team


Ray and Rory Forbes, this father and son team, came all the way from Reno, Nevada to enjoy the 2007 LA Roadster show. Believe it or not, these guys didn’t get to join the official show because they don’t have shinny paint. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Check out this awesome pair of traditional rods!

Dad's got style!


Please click here to read the rest of the story...

One Night with a Real Doll

Despite a lifelong passion for art, Josh Leasure of Aluminum Overcast Custom Shifter Knobs is still surprised that his art became a business. Josh had a good start learning the art of metal casting and sculpture first-hand by working for his father and partner’s foundry. You'll see how it paid off.

In early 2005, a good friend suggested Josh use his bronze casting skills on aluminum items for his interior shop. Original artwork for the shop helped Josh build his sculpting skills until it was obviously time to make something for himself: A custom cast shifter knob for his Impala. Over a dozen original design skull shifter knobs later, Josh's Impala never got one! Since turning "pro" Josh has earned praise from several hot rodders he respects and is proud to say that his artwork can be found in 31 states and 6 foreign countries.



Please click here to read the rest of the story...